Are you a Doctor, Dentist or Nurse with a title obtained abroad and want to carry out your professional activity in Italy?

Get quickly and without risk the recognition of your qualification for the Health Professions in Italy.

Are you a Doctor, Dentist or Nurse with a title obtained abroad and want to carry out your professional activity in Italy?

Get quickly and without risk the recognition of your qualification for the Health Professions in Italy.

Who the service is for

The bureaucracy that blocks your chance to work in Italy

You have finally obtained the title for the qualification in a health profession: you are therefore a Doctor, Nurse, Physiotherapist, Dentist, Dental Hygienist or a Psychologist. You have obtained this title abroad, in Europe or in countries outside the EU, with many efforts and many sacrifices

In short, you are a professional with all the papers in order and you want to carry out your professional activity in Italy.
Unfortunately it is not that easy: to do so you have to activate a procedure for the recognition of your foreign qualification to work in Italy. This procedure is often too technical, confusing and difficult to carry out correctly on your own.

Bureaucracy, delays, misunderstandings: all too often it happens that a trivial error in the recognition procedure convinces the competent body to reject the request and, consequently, to distance the actual insertion in the professional world.

What can you do to obtain recognition of your qualification in Italy quickly and with as little risk as possible?

A team of specialists at your side

The Leone Fell & C. Law Firm has always been close to the world of healthcare professions. In order to respond to the many requests from the sector, we have set up a team of specialists to follow the professionals in all phases of the procedure for the recognition of the professional title and qualification obtained abroad, taking care of every legal and bureaucratic aspect.

We support you in everything from the submission of documents to the eventual Appeal, monitoring the entire process.
In order to answer in a transparent way to all your doubts and questions, you have the possibility to confront directly with us, booking a Free Consulting, during which you will discover:
Thanks to our support, already hundreds of professionals have obtained recognition much faster, and now work permanently in Italy!

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Doing everything on your own carries serious risks

The procedure for the recognition of foreign qualifications for health personnel in Italy is very complex to carry out: if you make a mistake, not relying on experts, you risk:
It would be a huge detriment to you, both personally and financially.

How we solve the problems of Physicians and professionals who rely on us.

1. Recognition of the title in Italy

In order to carry out one’s health profession in Italy, after having obtained the title abroad, it is necessary to activate a recognition procedure: the competent Ministry must recognize the professional titles within 4 months (120 days) from the presentation of the documentation.

2. Appeal against the silence of default

If the Ministry doesn’t respond within 120 days, the so-called “silence in default” will form on the request submitted. In order not to lose the possibility of obtaining recognition, the professional must therefore present an Appeal within the following year.

This appeal allows the judge to force the Ministry to respond quickly to the request for recognition. The firm has always obtained positive results in appeals against silence, enabling professionals to achieve the desired outcome within a certain timeframe.

3. Recognition subject to excessive compensatory measures

The Ministry may make recognition of the degree conditional on the completion of compensatory measures such as internships or additional examinations. In most cases, these measures turn out to be excessive and it is therefore possible to contest them through an appeal.

We have obtained dozens of measures that have annulled or reduced excessive compensatory measures.

4. Challenge the rejection of the recognition request

It is often the case that the Ministry rejects an application for recognition of a qualification without specific reason. In these cases it is possible to contest the rejection and oblige the Ministry to re-evaluate the application.

Over the past few years, we have obtained more than 120 positive reversal orders.

Talk about us:

About Us

The law firm Leone-Fell & C. for over 8 years is at the side of professionals to assist them in the procedure of Recognition of the title earned abroad.

For us, protecting rights means being clear about which side of the “fence” you need to be on. We are on the side of those who have been wronged, of those who pursue the silences of a deaf and inadequate bureaucracy, of those who are denied their rights because of a deeply flawed procedure or competition. We are also at the side of those who can not fulfill their dreams because of a right that remains a dead letter.

Innovation, ethics and protection of rights have become a daily “mantra” for us and it is thanks to this that our working group, in a short time, has become one of the major players in the Italian administrative law scene.

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